Saturday, July 31, 2010

Listen up Listen Up!!

It would mean the world to me if every one of you could help me in my endeavors of becoming a stylist by this competition held by MYER. All the details are on there but the most amazing part I find is the chance to be a 'Shop till you drop' Magazine stylist for a day. It would mean so much for me to win this amazing opportunity but I need as many votes as possible.. If you could help me by voting yourselves I would be forever grateful.


Sunday, July 25, 2010

Barack, Barack, Barack, Obama

Just went and spent 2 hours with the cutest puppies and doggies and kitties and cats at the Animal Welfare League. Will post photos when I get home as I took so many it's insane. And so many of them need good homes so lets find them some.
Also about to go see Inception. I hear it's amazing. Hope it doesn't confuse me too much..

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

We made plans too, kiss the stars at night.

Small picture vomit as it's been a while. I did it. I finally sucked it up and did it.. I now have hair 22INCHES long... I can nearly sit on the suckers.. Well not at all but it's heaps long. I need to do my make-up before I take a photo. I started work at 6AM yesterday so finished at 3PM and treked it on the train out to the middle of nowhere we like to call Bankstown. Now if you live in Sydney you've probably heard of the wonderful ladies of several hair salons in Bankstown, or know someone who goes, or go yourself. Now I myself am loyal to Kate's hair in Bankstown as for the 2 rows of 22inch and 1 row of 18inch real human hair only set me back $280. It's woven in and i know it's real because I tested it as I always do. You take a strand and burn it, if it's plastic it will melt together, if it's human hair it sizzles up and smells FOUL. Also I dyed it, and you can't dye plastic now can you. Or can you and I just looked really dumb. Oh well. Considering I actually have hair just past my shoulders, barely, this is a MASSIVE change and it's going to take a minute of two to get used too. Also it's my best friends birthday tomorrow, and I'm in a pickle. Now his friends ARE NOT my friends. And they are fairly difficult to get along with people at the best of times. Now his boyfriend on the other hand is awesome and I love him, yahda yahda yahda. Now for Michael's birthday party he's organized bowling on saturday, which is $60 per person for games, food (burgers, hot dogs, pizza) and alcohol. Now this is awesome if I could eat any of the food or if I drank alcohol. And now the bigger spanner is his boyfriend isn't going as he'd rather go to laser skirmish with his other friends, and my boyfriend as decided as he knows no one there he's not going to come. So my pickle is, I go and be there for my best friend (who didn't come to my birthday dinner this year, but has been my longest standing friend of my life) and have no one to talk to or hang out with and nothing to eat while I watch everyone get pissed, or don't go and possibly upset him. But I will see him out afterwards which is good.Oh who am I kidding he won't even care as I'll take him out myself next week and get him loose. Ahhh problem solved. Thanks blogger, I really did work it all out. Now I've got to figure out what to wear. SHIT!!!


Saturday, July 17, 2010

Papa Papa

Sunday afternoons spent with my wonderful other half.. Could not be more splendid.
I have come to the conclusion that I am 100% sick of my hair and have decided to get NEW extensions back in.. SO I will resemble Poison Ivy from Arkham Asylum, which is exactly what I want. I'm sick of having a bob hair cut. It sucks.. Any other hair options???


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I can't find my hand sanitizer

My hair is gross and short after I cut my extensions out last week. And now I'm torn as to if I bus, train and train it out to get new ones put back in so I can have splendid hair like her. But right now I'm at Max's house and it's perfect snuggling weather but he's at work. So as I have no car/license. I'm too lazy to travel. But I will still have to catch 2 buses to get near the station to train it home. So either way I'm on two buses and a train. That is if I catch the right train, I may need to get two of them too. Shoot. me.


Thursday, July 1, 2010

I love you babayyy..

Or is it
I love you Ebaaayyyyyy???
Either way I had a mini shop last night and scored these two morsels of awesomeness.. Hopefully staying in this weekend which means when they arrive one will be debuted.. How lovely..