Monday, November 29, 2010

Now glide, glide

Okay so they're making a US series of Skins apparently. Am I the only one who finds this really pointless and dumb? I mean we know American teens are screwed up just watch Kids. And nothing has changed since the 90s. Movies and Tv and everything! But it's eye-opening to see the behaviour and characters of English teens that made Skins the greatest. What is the point?? I'm all for Americans being them. But they ruin EVERYTHING!! From the Office, to Alfie, to the Italion job (and very nearly Red Dwarf.. Phew). Why do they think they can make them better?? Poms do it best.. In saying that WTF Australia?? We watch the Hills and think we can make our own?? Freshwater Blue or whatever is Bogan Pride with its head screwed on backwards. Someone save us all!!


Sunday, November 28, 2010

It's like that cheap chocolate you get in advent calenders

Isolation. Isolation. Isolation.
Well not really as I work 5 days a week and am constantly surrounded by people. And not in a "I'm constantly surrounded by people but feel SO ALONE!!!" kinda way.. But as in I'm watching the Mighty Boosh and that's what they were singing that..
Milky Joe!!
Danny be my man.. Without being offensive, don't you reckon John Travolta should have died after Pulp Fiction? I mean what did he make after that that was any good?? Morbid I know but he should have been a "tiny" bit of a River Phoenix story boy. Don't you reckon?This weekend I am actually NOT WORKING so I'm super pumped to do sweet FUDGE ALL!! Slash I may go out for the first time with my lovely little BROOM BROOM!! That's my car!!
Time to get classy ladies??

I do feel sad that Andy Warhol was depicted as such an arse in Factory Girl. But I'm always on Edie's side as no one could dress like her!

I know, I know, Pointed stilettos have been shunned into 2004 with mini denim skirts, bonds thick strapped singlets and Von Dutch hats.. Yes I grew up in a terrible fashion time..But I believe they are SEXY!! And they can only come in bright colours as black is office wear!

How devilish/angelic do these two look??


I fear this is a little TOO scenester for me..

I need to start laying on the eye makeup SUPER THICK!!

Is is weird that Jessica Rabbit is the ultimate woman to me?

Power shoulder..

She's finally concentrating on her career.. HIP HIP HORRAYYYY!!!

The world is much nicer in rose coloured glasses.

I love how the one on the left has a really really short fringe but you can't really tell.

Okay so they weren't this cool, but did anyone else collect fairy stones when they were little?? I had tones!!

Now that I drive I'm going to start wearing trousers more. It just seems to be the natural progression.

This campaign makes me NEED to wear trousers.

And finally. I ordered TopShop Silver high-waisted trousers 4 WEEKS ago and they still haven't arrived.. Anyone else having those problems?? I want my PANTS!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I don't want a lot for Christmas.

Mariah Carey you MOLE! That song is stuck in my head and all it took was seeing her picture. Damnit..
Did I say posting about friends, uuuummmm I love them.. Annnnddddd I'm lazy. BUT, I did find a plethora of images on my mums computer that I cared to upload. And I will now go through and rate. In my slight tired state, with work at 7am tomorrow.
Nuff said.Umm, have you ever eaten so much fairy floss/cotton candy/candy floss, that the next day you've had such bad shakes you had to get your friend to get you from work? I did. And I am forever in Claire's debt for coming and getting me. Now I can drive maybe I will be of use.
Never has a place contained so much magic and amazement for every human alive.

Suspenders. Nice.

Does Alice look like she has a lazy eye or is it just me? I'm just sayin.

Going to to order lippy just like this.

Audrey. Icon.

The eyes and hair of an unnamed starlet.

Pretty girl. The room colour is spectacular.

I love these girls. Ponies for ever!

Don't really know. Beach soon?

Ha ha how strange is this.
I reckon I downloaded this photo at least 6 months ago, and only when I looked again tonight did I realize, I bought those shoes. Love them. As my mum said, they were in the back of my mind.

I am in another strange mood. Though very excited I get to drive to work tomorrow, albeit work is at 7am and my parents would rather surrender a car then drive me themselves, as they finally don't have too!! And I believe McDonald's breakfast drive thro is the only option on my cards. I'm tingling with anticipation!!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Neil Armstrong, he walkin on me face.

Yawn yawn yawn, ya yawn yawn yawn.
I GOT MY P'S!!!! I can legally drive ALONE, at night, unprotected, in the world, of terror, ohhh dear..
NO! I can drive, it's EXCITING!!!
And to celebrate..... I'm working the next 6 days STRAIGHT!!! Which means car shopping is going to be compressed into after hours time.. Awesome..
You know when you, get your license and then go shopping for cars, and you want anything, then and there. Doesn't matter what it is, you just want it. Well I was in that mood till I discovered the SHIT cars that are out there for sale, fairly disheartened if I say so meself.. BUT, I did find a Granny-mobile that was fairly cute so thats one possibility. But really, I do just want a car. I feel bad constantly, I say constant even though it's only been 2 days and I've borrowed it twice, asking for the car to go on visits, I say visits, they has been 3. BUT, when I get one it will be full of clothes and white chocolate wrappers, and ribena juice squeezy containers. WOO HOO!!
And it does also mean that I will be WAY more social and be coming out HEAPS, but finally I will be able to be out for as long as I want. As in I'll get semi-dressed up, come out at 10.30pm, and be gone by Midnight, "my parkings up guys", "my Mum needs my car?", "I'm a lazy bitch" will be commonly used phrases. OR I will just Phantom. I'm leaning more towards a Phantom. Yes, Phantom. In the NIGHT!!!
I'm currently watching behind the scenes for The Mighty Boosh series 2 and am slightly losing my MIND with funny.
My English is AWESOME!!
Tomorrow I will, lets admit it I'll probs forget but hey, post about my amazing friends and their awesomeness, wonderness, incredibleness and lots of other nesses..
And now for some inspiring images..


Saturday, November 6, 2010

This. Is. She.

I feel very honoured that I can post these photos and not feel like a creep for posting photos of a model I don't know, coz I DO! As in I do know her.. This is Eve. And she is very Speciall. Even though I haven't known her long, and she's touring the world being all awesome and shizz, we have already cemented in a Will and Grace AND how I met your mother marathon with her. And she likes to pull faces, and be silly, and doesn't look like every other middle parted hair, regrowth down to her ears, neutral/black/denim wearing, black ROC boot wearing trendoid in town. If you have any one of those qualities, thats okay, but combined you make up a fast growing minority of minions. OKAY!?!?
Thats all.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Be alright I'll be alright..

My computer for some reason has not been letting me get into my blogger account for the last 5 days and it has been KILLING me.. I had to use Max's..
SPEAKING OF MAX! My amazing, wonderful, imperfect, spectacular boyfriend not only continues to be wonderful to me whilst work is piling up on my shoulders as Christmas draws closer and I'm in charge of everything. BUT he sent me 12 long stem PINK roses just to make me smile! I"M SO LUCKY!! I didn't think chivalrous men still exsisted but I was WRONG!! I will post photos when my phone stops being gay..
BUT... It is indeed Halloween this weekend and I had grand plans of poison Ivy, the Riddler or anything green and red, that wasn't Christmas. But due to lack of real party plans, and fear of doing what I did last year and not actually go INSIDE anywhere but just walk around dressed as a zombie bride. I've decided to do a TWIGGY theme!! Fake lashes, A-Line dress with buttons, Miu Miu Heels and (due too having lone hair) a long briad perfectly hair sprayed. If you have any suggestions I am open..
But it's shower and bed time because I am now a nanna...

This is off and it's their version of twiggy, which gave me the idea in the first place..