Thursday, May 28, 2009

When the medication wears off at this time.. Energy lags SO BAD.

The colour.
The shine.
The cut.
The jacket.
The top.
Everything about this SCREAMS 80s Mum.
Especially when you get to the high-waisted Mum jeans.My hair is being done tomorrow.
New extensions.
New colour.
Fringe back.
Sick of semi-intense hair.
Oh, and I dug up old supre leggings like these ones and wore them today.
Not too shabby.
Love the mix of floral dress and boyfriends blazer and chunky boots.

Side note.
This saturday I have the theme party at tank. Under the sea or over the boat or something of that nature.
And Maximillian is being a massive gay shithead and not letting me go as anything cool.
Coupled with the fact that HE isn't even dressing up.
I believe he deserves a good kick in the head.
And I hope he reads this and calls me.
Love you.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I may be the rudest person ever. But i'll always be honest

To explain to one person the love I have for my friends is impossible.
I love each of them in different and special ways.
As they are all different and special.
Especially on saturdays.Claire.
I could dance with you till the sun rose and set.
Whether its on a beach in Ibiza.
Or the tank dancefloor which is our second home.
You can lick Maximillian as much as you want.
He's still mine.

You are the reason I love myself so much.
You are the reason my hair is this way.

You make work bearable with your constant apperance for ciggie breaks.
And my arms heavy with Diva jewels.

Claire, again.
For with youi can really have fun but know i'm always safe.
A point which was proved on saturday when you took care of my retarded self.

Sophie, you represent Michael.
And all the other people that make my nights unforgetable.

Friday, May 22, 2009

All that glitters IS gold.

When my best friend bought me a black casio calculator watch I wanted a silver one. Then when another friend bought me a silver one I wanted a gold one. Obviously unless you want to get the ones from Glue stores and pay a shit load you really have to look for one. And after months of searching I found one. The first official purchase with my new debit mastercard.
I am so screwed.
I'm never getting to the UK now.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Smile at the day even if it be grey.

I hate the shock of a balloon popping.
It scares me half to death.
If you ever see me near balloons you'll notice my hands always chilling around my ears, poised to cover them in the terrible event of a beautiful hair filled colourful party decoration lose its life. 
How sad.
I want a white fur now.
And big fake Chanel earrings.
I am a true believer in quantity over quality when it comes to fashion.
More is more.
More to wear.
More to give after the wear.
but, I do have a real Chanel quilted bag of my Mummy's..
Precious beyond compare.
Can it please get colder.
I want to wear stockings and socks and boots.
Colour is the essence of life.
Last night Maximillian, Pav. Tyson and I attempted to go to Hot Damn, on Oxford St.
Here's a hint about Hot Damn.
Its kind of scene, indie, electro kids who HATE colour.
And as I was in a big white leather jacket, bright blue off-shoulder dress and red hair. 
I stuck out like a sore-thumb.
Awkward much?
Need anything be said of the beauty of this dress.
Happy Friday

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Addicted to the things I see.

I love these faces.
I pull quite similar ones quite regularly. Mischa is set for a come-back.
I can feel it.

I wish it was that cold i could do stockings and knee highs.
And I love her boots.

Fluro is dead I know.
But I want this orange dress more than air.

The fab 3.
Daisy Lowe.
Alice Delall.
Pixie Geldof.
Makes me want to wear dark purple lipstick. Which I still have from year 7.
Pity it'd get all over Maximillian.

Love to Love the clothes they wear.

Her top and skirt.Her whole outfit.

Her hair and general 80s aura.

Corey Kennedy and Mary Kate Olsen.
'nuff said.

We are just like they were.
But newer and better.

Love is friendship set on fire.

love just is.

To be at the very top of a ferris wheel feels like the highest point you could ever be at. The point where you can see everything at look at everyone and feel free. Thats the feeling of being in love. The feeling of being at the highest and most free you could imagine. The freedom of your mind, your body and you spirit all in line as you fall deeply into the first kiss. Or even the 500th kiss. The falling into security hugs as you lay in bed first thing in the morning, smelling terrible, groggy and incoherent. The feeling of not being alone when their name flashes up on your phone. And the knowledge that that person is there for you always. Because they know that no matter how bad either of your days were, a smile, a touch, a hug or a nudge from the one you love is all you need to remember they are there. I've said it before and i'll say it again. You should fall in love as many times as you can. And even if that love fails. They won't be the last to love you. But also remember that the best relationship you can have should be with yourself. No one will love you more than you. You know your ins and outs better than anyone. You may be one in the same with a person but you alone know what truly makes you happy. If everything falls on its head and there seems like no light at the end of the tunnel. Someone who loves you is only ever a phone call away. A few steps away. Or a few hours away. Nothing in this world can suppress the love each and every person has in their hearts. World war, pollution, hunger, illness, pain and suffering. None of these matter when you're surrounded by friends and lovers or even just one friend or one lover. Thats human nature. To always look on the bright side. Because really, what does any of that matter when you're looking into the eyes of the ones you love, holding your best friends hand, or eating ice-cream on the floor with your mum.
Love as much and as often as you possibly can.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Nan you're a window shopper.

I wanted these boots more than anything on the planet. But I fucked around trying to ask someone if I could borrow their credit card and they sold out. So I now have a debit mastercard on its way to me. This will be very very bad.

Because he loves me so much, Maximillian ordered me these the other night. Yes I paid for them, but I was asleep while he did it.

I love the colour POP of the blue in an otherwise monochromatic outfit.
And her hair.

She looks french.
I love french.


hungry for style.

Thanks Nina.

live for the nights you'll never remember

With the ones you'll never forget.

Sometimes you go through your day just exsisting.

Just seeing, not doing.

Then there are the days (or more commonly nights) where everything is more amazing than you realised.

Where the people around you make you love more, laugh more, smile more.

But not so much think more. And by think more I mean, comprehend more.

My saturday was spent doing what I love.




And making a fool of myself.

These beautiful girls in this shot are 2 BIG reasons I had such a good night.

No one can bite fur like them.

No one can dance like Claire.

No one can phantom like Sez.

No one can seize to amaze me like Madds.

No one can tickle me like Fraser.


No one can love me like Maximillian.


No one can NOT be there to party like Michael.

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Its amazing.
An amazing truth was told to me today.
Adults lie to their children about the realness of Santa and then in turn get angry when that child hides sweets in their rooms.
Double standards i've never realised.
Happy Saturday.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Love your way

This whole thing isn't just about how obsessed I am with all things clothes, unusual or down right obscense.

Its also about how I see the world.

I see the world in the same way as everyone else. Differently. No two people see the same object the same. The same trend the same. Or the same lover the same (sometimes). But thats the beauty of being everybody. Split it up and its Every Body. Every "different" body. Every "similar" body. Every "beautiful" body. Everybody deserves to be their own body. Move the way they want. Say what they want. Do what they want.

You need to be yourself before you can show yourself. Don't listen to the opinions of others if you don't want to. Don't do what they tell you should do. Don't wear what they tell you to wear, don't be anything other than who you are. Everybody is perfect in their own way. In a way you are a rare and special breed of human.

You may enjoy dressing up everyday and putting on your best for anyone you see. You may enjoy filling your day with people who love you. You may fill your day with people you think love you. But you'll see. Everyday is yours to SEIZE. It was created for you and those you love. Do with that day whatever you want, say what you want and poke out your tongue at strangers.

Cause you can.

Carpe Diem.


Is it really what I believe.

Cindy Lou Who from The Grinch. Turned into.

Little J..

lookbook my life.

My fur. My shoes(mine are pink)
Need to do this to my walls.

Cute girl. Cute Dress. Cute headband. Cute shoes.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

oh she makes the blood sizzle.

Michelle Trachtenberg in chanel.
Georgina would be proud.
Could life be any sweeter?

Sunday, May 10, 2009

"Bad is good and to be good is simply boring"

The words that raised Malcolm McLaren.

Founder of the Sex Pistols.

For me think that I am a good person and do good things is a total lie. I believe if you cannot set a good example, lead as a horrible warning. The chances we get in the day and age we live in are limited only by our imaginations. Nothing can stop you getting to your goal unless you let them. No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. If you want to be a circus clown, or a bar tender, or a corner street hooker. You should do it. Go ahead and do what makes you feel happy in this world because happiness is the strongest factor in our lives which we so often overlook. If you are happy you, smile more, laugh more, learn more, love more, and generally do MORE with your days. It doesn't matter if you only have $5 in your wallet if you've got someone by your side. For example, last night i hardly spent any money and managed to have a truly amazing night.* I truly believe it is the compamy you keep that makes you the person you are. And the company I keep is truly terrible, but ultimatly wonderful at the same time.

Here's to you Max and Michael.

*The one thing missing was her.