Friday, April 15, 2011


So I'm on the brink of confusion. To go out tonight for a little bit and get medium dressed up? Or to save myself and just go all out tomorrow night.. Hhmm
Either way this is my plan for tomorrow.

Nice bath, or hot shower.
Get my weave out of my face to do my face.
Hair confusion starts.
Big peepers??
Need to revisit these amazing shoes.
How many rings do I need??
High skirt all lady like??

Boots and socks and leggings?
So many options!
Get me with my friends.

Lets just party.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Thinspiration? Nah just inspiration.

I'm too lazy to diet when it's winter. This weekend I think I'm going out both friday and saturday and then I may get my hair re-weaved. I just don't know.
I want an occasion to wear sequins and a long skirt too. What occasion could that be?
I just bought leather shorts like these from my work, they're a size too small really but leather should be tight, right?
A customer told me I was a prettier version of Florence Welsh today. Super flattered as my hair is ratty and washing out, but what I needed to get it set that I should do my hair and SOON.



My life.
The confused ball it is.
Is still confused.
Made less so by the friends I have and the fun that follows.
These are from a house party we first intended to crash but met such wonderful people we just outstayed our welcome instead.

I can't be arsed to caption everything but know that it was AWESOME and I know who will be in my wedding party, if that day ever comes.