Friday, November 27, 2009

The things I do...

What started off as an American Apparel boys singlet with pocket. Turned into a awesome murdering of the Chanel logo. With flair I will add. This is for Nikki for Stereosonic..
Any likes??

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

To fringe or not to fringe??

I've always had either a full fringe or a side fringe and I've never had the chance to have long cascading hair which never got in my eyes. But in saying that as soon as you cut it it's kinda like a death sentence for any other style other than pinning it like Hilary Duff.
Today I feel like a change. And as gross as it is I'm going to borrow, yes BORROW, Nikki's clip in extensions.. How truly gross am I???

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Can I??

Do heeled boots during the day??
Oooohhh when is the next like day drinks??? Hhhhmmm
Wear baby baby short shorts??
Perfect boots in summer without looking like a try hard??


Hot dog..
Get it??
Get it??
ha ha ha..
I want to take it out of it's bun and run away to an open field..


Staying in to create more.

I know I haven't actually finished anything I've started but I'm just that kinda girl..
Tomorrow Nikki and I are possibly shopping which means I'll have to leave my purse at home and window it..
Was going to buy material to make Sarah and I matching jumpsuits for Stereosonic but now I realize how poor I am so I'll be visiting the haberdashery store called 'Mummy's sewing room' located at my house..

But I've been envious of this button creation for so long. Will be starting this soon. And documenting every bit..
I have old denim shorts that are so boring they look like a nappy. So if anyone out there is creative with a texta, gimme a comment and lets be friends.. ha ha
Is it bad that I'm contemplating buying a cheap black and white striped top and just drawing the 2 C's on?? Probably but meh..
And last but not least, This is the new bane of my existence. I will make this happen in my life.. Pure genies..


Breathe mint of some form???

Time to sleep..
Happy Wednesday..


Romance is on the couch..


Monday, November 23, 2009

I like to shake and quake..

New layout..
Good? Bad? Hideous?


I have an idea.

Why don't we all live for ourselves.
Love those we want to.
Ignore those we don't.
In everyday we come up against new challenges, and in those challenges we discover more about ourselves.
Everyday the sun rises and day after day we don't use that day to its full potential.
I, myself am guilty of not using the day, but I need to. Soon.
Sick and tired we will all become, of waiting for something new to come into our lives.
We read horoscopes in hope that they will tell us what is coming.
No one knows what is coming. We can only guess.
But how about finding out for ourselves. Our own way.
What good would that do?
It would leave us in charge of our own destiny.
Our future has been written, and if we do nothing to change it then it's our own fault.
Think before you act they say.
Screw thinking.
Start doing.


This is my plan..

In hopefully around 6 months time I will be
Hopping on one of these..
Moving into one of these..
Becoming the mummy of one of these..
And owning a store like one of these..
That is my plan..
Any questions????
I will fail.. I know..


I'll be a pink lipstick chick called dipstick..

Where oh where can I find pink lippie like these???
Please help!!!


Theses are a few of my favourte things..

Said in French accent..
I love de kisses...


I hate this feeling..

Wanting to sleep but not having the ability..
And now having no where to party on saturday nights now that OneLove has moved..
Is my life that vain??
Yeah, it's standards behavior to plan ones outfit at the beginning of the week..
But I do have stereosonic on saturday and I need to make Sarah and I matching jumpsuits..
Better hop to it..
In the middle of the night..


This is Pat..

He is fun..


I love this turn in the weather..

Means I am happy again..


Sunday, November 22, 2009

I don't wanna grow up but I do..

These are her boys. She and they are awesome.


For Sarah..

Being bored at work must suck..
Be unemployed like me!!!


Love just is..

The feeling you get when you know you're going to see them but the butterflies are flying all through your belly.
The feeling you get when first thing in the morning, with no make-up on, morning breathe and sleepy eyes, and they kiss you like you've been away for 5 years.
The feeling of knowing that at the end of the day, you'll have them there to hold you.
The feeling that, if the whole world was going to explode, you would be the happiest person alive to just be in their arms till the last second.
Being able to just exist, no showing off, no playing a part, just exist with them in the same room on the same couch for hours on end and not feel pressure.
Being able to be yourself.
Meeting their family and feeling welcome.
Seeing their status on facebook and having a little smile at their little jokes.
Not caring who sees when you have outlandish public displays of snogging.
Holding them when they walk into your front door and not wanting to let go.
Holding them as they leave you and not wanting them to go.
Love is.. Whatever you want it to be.


Romance is love..

Inspired by their latest collection, 'Doilies and Pearls, Oysters and Shells', the concept store opens to the public from Friday the 27 of November - Sunday the 31st of January at "The Intersection" 2A, Glenmore Road, Paddington.

I heart them..


I am proud to admit.

I own a Nintendo DS and as of today I own this game.
It's awesome. And they keep telling me I'm a natural. I've been in fashion retail for 5 years I'd freakin hope so.


Note to self..

Make everything fabulous..


This is it...

This is mine.
Or will be in 14 days or so..
I may cry..


Ice-Magic is the best..

Could not wish for more awesome kids really.. Except Kingston and Zuma Stefani of course..


This is dressing up, gothic style..


Everybody wants it.. Nobody has it.

Max and his roommate Glenn went over for their internet so they only had dial up. I really will die.. But how awesome is Chloe Sevingy.. She makes me want to wear baby pink lipstick and have a light tan. She does Blonde like no one else. In saying that I wore purple lipstick last night. Worst night out EVER but..


Let them eat cake.

So for something new, I dyed my hair blonde, and got another tattoo. These are more of the things I do when I am bored. I also went to Katoomba with 3 awesome friends, Nikki, Courtney and Fiona. Or Niquesha, Ta-nay-nay and Fi.. Sorry Fi..
Now I'm moving into week 2 of unemployment and I actually am loving life.. But I'm devo I cant' swim for 2 weeks due to my new ink and now it's the only thing I can think of doing with my life..
Also, who's coming to Stereosonic???


RIP Daul Kim

South Korean model Daul Kim was found hanged in her Paris apartment Thursday. Its being taken as a suicide with further investigation. She was swiftly becoming one of the fashion and blog worlds most exquisite beauties. Her blog shows an insight into her world of deep, dark thoughts and a possible answer for the question. Why?
Karl Largerfeld called her his muse. And she was picked as the next best thing. But it's the next best thing tag that gets the best of the best, and dooms them to fail.

Rest In Piece.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

This is Rhys..

He loves Super Mario Brothers..

These are real. Trust me.