Sunday, February 28, 2010

& Kissies

I want these cakes. My Nani used to buy them for me. Yummy.

He's really don it now

Keep on swingin keep on swingin..
It's 12.24PM on March the 2nd my Sister Astrid's 29th birthday!! HOLY SHIT!! She old.. So last night Amy and I made pink and blue cupcakes at Max's house and then Alix came over to ice them then Max and Johnny came and ATE THEM.. Not all but a couple. Will post photos this afternoon. But right now I'm super doper excited that it's FUTURE MUSIC FESTIVAL this weekend!!! And above are my outfit inspirations and I am so pumped and excited and happy and nervous. As this will be my 4TH Future.. OMG.. I really love the doc martins with all the trinkets on them but I'm sceptical as I don't know if I'll have to wear stockings due to the weather or go bare legs. And if I do go stockings and it gets hot but my shoes are strapped to my feet WHAT WOULD I DO??? I'd be HEAPS stuck in them.. haha
Oh so many things to think about. AND I start work this time next week. Oh my life is on the GO!!!

Friday, February 26, 2010


It's MARDI GRAS!!!!!
The gayest night of the year in the WHOLE WORLD!!!
It's time for colour-clashes, truck fulls of lashes, and the gay ol' party spirit that only SYDNEY can bring..
Wait till you see what I've got in store.. Being poor it's mix n match but I'll love it..
Happy mardi gras!!


So here's my plan for my life.
1. Start work
2. Get PAID
3. Buy a camera!!!
4. Save to move out with Nikki
5. Move in with Nikki- The bestest friend a girl could want
6. Love Max more and more everyday. And my friends too.
7. Be as happy as I am right now.
Be happy. Life will fall into it's correct place. Everything will be perfect, you just wait and see.


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Don't stop.

Sitting at Max's place about to watch a movie.
So happy I could pop.


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Makes me feel good.

Count backwards 5,4,3,2,1.
It's 9.47AM on thursday the 25th of February. So I have my new jobs induction on saturday and then I'll probs be going straight to work on monday. And due to having nearly 5 months off I've become nocturnal. I go to sleep at 3AM then sleep till 1PM. NIGHTMARE. SO my Dr gave me natural sleepy things and I went to sleep last night promptly at 10.30PM and woke up at 7.30AM. Now I'm off for a walk then hopefully a driving lesson.
But my main concern at the moment is saturday night. MARDI GRAS!!!!
What on earth should I wear? Should I go all out then if I get rejected from 77 again have no where to go on account of I look so ridiculous? Or dress normal, which is most people's insane?

Monday, February 22, 2010

Without you. I'm getting lost.

Fuck I'm attractive.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

I think I'm allergic to mornings.

$10 Supre dress. Looking around my room for ideas. Drew them all.

Some days we get REALLY hungry.

The other week Nikki and I went to the "The 80s are BACK" exhibition at Sydney's powerhouse museum. I highly suggest you go if you can/live in Sydney. I want ALL of these clothes. This is a HIV ad.

Does anyone remember Sylvania families?

My sister bought me the re-released Barbie from the Barbie and the Rockers. But I also have half the original set.

How appropriate.

Inspiring words.

Skin heads were big in Australia. Whodathunkit??


I need to make this for Nikki.

My little pony.

This guy totally stole Max's style AND hair.

It was $10 entry and SO worth it.

Do you believe in that place?

This was my saturday night LAST week. Last night I got denied entry at 77 as they suspected me of being under age.
I'm 23.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Like a sporty lancer es.

I think I'm going to vomit. You know when you don't eat for ages, like dinner till lunch, and you're hungry, then you eat and feel HEAPS more sick than you were 5 minutes before??


Thursday, February 18, 2010

And you will somersault with me.

So I bought this heaps retro dress yesterday and am wearing it tonight. But do I do hair out ala Betty Draper, and really 60s housewife. Or up with a bow and bright eyes heaps Luella??
So many choices.


Your brothers seem to have something wrong with their feet. Maybe its contagious.

Who's ready for a party weekend??


Borgis, Bunce and Bean

It's 11.08PM on February the 18th. SO, Max is super sick and has been all day. So I'm here to tend to his every need. I had a MASSIVE sushi lunch with Nikki today which filled me up, till now. Gosh darnit NOW I'm hungry. The only time there is NO chance of getting food. And there's no gluten free foods in the house. Even though Max's mum offered to buy my bread today, I wasn't hungry then. Gosh darnit. BUT I did go shopping today which resulted in me personally getting 2 dresses, a yellow waist belt, and putting the most amazing shoes ever on lay-by at Wittner. And for Max I bought him a tartan scarf, 3 shirts and a waist coat. He doesn't like the waist coat, it's not "him" so I'll be selling it to Rhys for $5. Yes Rhys, $5. Merry Easter. I'm hopefully getting my computer back tomorrow which shall mean I can post photos and shit. What fun. And I'm totally wanting a pair of lace socks.
The other terrible thing about tonight is I will not be able to sleep for hours due to my blasted nocturnalness. And being awake and hungry is NOT much fun. So this is NOT my goodnight post. That will come later.
Good evening.
That sounds good.


Evening sir.

How amazing is this dress. She made it from old My little pony bedsheets. How fabulous. Totally want to do something like this myself.
This girl is awesome.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Uh huh yeah.

12.09Pm on Wednesday the 17th of February. Wow I'm currently watching G.I. Joe rise of the cobra. Channing Tatum is FIT!!! I could be doing so many things with my day but I chose to park my arse in front of the TV with mango sorbet and watch terrible films. BUT this does have Sienna Miller in it and I'm all for her, and she's in leather. I will admit I am super duper envious of her and all her awesome life. I mean she's like 26 and has starred in so many awesome films, mainly my favourite, Alfie, and she's got an amazing clothing line with twenty 8 twelve with her sister Savannah. She's done everything. Even Jude Law. Unlike Channing Tatum. Now he married that Jenna girl from Step Up, and miraculously turned from a sweet proper girl, into a massive porn star wannabe. Seriously she became so plastic its not funny. Oh well, each their own.
Today I am going to sit here and do nothing. Awesome life.

I'll never give up I'm on a mission.

It is 9.11Pm on Tuesday February 16th. Did I mention I got a job?? I'm starting my induction on February 27th and then I'll be training from then until the store opens. I'm Forever New Pitt st's Accessories Specialist!!! Something that's perfect for me and right up my alley. I'm So excited I could cry..
OH and I had the quirkiest Valentines day hey. Max had work so we went there and I chilled with ma gurl Amy P!! and then we went home and fell asleep. BUT I did make Max a Apple Tea cake in the shape of a love heart so that was cute.. And then on monday night Max took me to my favourite sushi restaurant and bought me dinner. It's adorable for me..
Now I'm going to watch a movie and play with a dress. My life story.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Samin.. No salmon.. No huh?

Kitty curl up..