Monday, April 27, 2009

as if i needed proof

if someone makes you smile,

don't make them frown.

if someone holds onto you so tight you can't breath,

don't run from them in fear.

if someone says they love you more than anyone else,

don't look them in the eyes and walk away.

everyone is loved by someone else,

whether they like it or not.

and the love i feel is a love that stays that way rain and shine,

close knit snuggles,

far away wishes.

everybody needs to feel loved,

even by the homeless man who you give your spare change to.

there really is nothing in this world that beats being held by someone who you would leave your world for.

someone who you'd start new with because you'd know you'd be okay with them by your side.

and that someone for me will be close again soon.

she is the queen of my sex

to me this is one of the most famous photographs ever. vivienne westwood store opening. the stores name?? SEX

i don't like pamela anderson. but she personifies sex just as vivienne westwood does.

i am beginning to love blue so much more.

i would sell my first born for these..(i'm hoping i'm having twins)


to be in love like this is almost hate.

Nancy Spungen never wrote a song or played in a band in her life yet she has assumed a position in rock mythology that has made the the image of her tumbling peroxide hair and kohled eyes as immortal as Sid's and forever joined as punks most famous couple.
Mixed up kid, music lover, exotic dancer, prostitute, groupie, starf***er, drug addict and lastly girlfriend of Sid Vicious dead in the Chelsea Hotel New York. One view sees a manipulative siren - 'nauseous Nancy' - leading Sid Vicious to his death through drugs - 'A Titanic waiting for an iceberg to happen' said Johnny Rotten.
Another view sees a young disturbed 19 year old girl just following a dream in music, falling in love with another damage case and becoming a tragic doomed couple at odds with the world ending in premature violent death. A death and a life forgotten in the media frenzy as her partner and alleged killer, Sid, died soon after.
Nancy Spungen on her own was always destined to be a girl in the back of someone else's photograph. Sid Vicious and death gave her infamy. Who was the real Nancy? As usual the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

pool of water or the pool of your soul.

ellery new season.

i love it when you wake up in the morning all nice and warm under your covers. nothing can take that first moment away from you. where its just you starting your day. this is the moment where you can decide what the day will bring to you. whether its going to be good and profitable and fun. or whether the five and a half hours sleep will catch up on you and truly bring you down.

then there are the mornings when you wake up and you're not alone in that bed. or in that bed at all. when you're in another bed. with a boy. not just any boy. this boy is cookies. and he's called cookies for one of two reasons. one-he's just a littlin and two-due to his love of my gluten free cookies.

those mornings are different for me. because those mornings mean if i haven't woken up entangeled in his limbs, as soon as i move i will be.

those mornings make it even harder to get out of bed.

heres to the aforementioned man who loves me.

these shoes belong to one of the COOLEST people i know. jax. like $8 from vinnies. fine form. he's the kid with uber uber cool cat. looks just like BusyP. only a fraction shorter.

this is how i like to offend people. with my choice of clashing colours with my hair. and being obscene in the street.

i want my bag.
topshop should have sent it to me by now.
and now its sold out.
i hope for its safe delivery home.
to me.

Friday, April 24, 2009

little j.

taylor momsen for nylon is way more intense than little j ever could be.
love her bold eyes and lips.
the whole rag head thing tho.
not a huge fan.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

on the nose. on the head.

i am in the mood to wear a band around my head.
now the mission is to find one.
its 5.01pm on friday afternoon and i want it for tonight..

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

the cool kids

baby you can light my fire.
tallulah.. peaches.. hairy dude. odd one out much?

Zoe i will be your bf..

there's no such thing as bad weather. just bad clothes.

i have a black fake fur.
and a real white fur.(or is it my mums inherited mink coat... who knows)

tina turner loves you..

i'm listening too preachy music.
go figure.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

love is.

love is a feeling of bliss.

a feeling of care.

a feeling of never being alone.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

my mother told me not too talk to strangers.

i love tartan.

tartan tartan tartan.

not flanno's like the easter show bogans.

but tartan like the scottish.

oh and i've found a hectic gothic store in newtown that i think sells cobweb stockings. with my new boots.
and what too do with that crap t-shirt thats too big? rip the shit out of it and wear it with a bra.

what could happen?

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

why do they make us smile in the sparkle light?

too look so innocent in a whirlwind of colour and sexuality.

Only the cool kids smoke.

sparkles make me smile like a kid on christmas day.

even kylie knows she's cool..

a life of excess.

when nothing happens you have a chance to think about everything-Andy Warhol

Monday, April 13, 2009

when you need what you didn't think you did.

my whole life i've been the lone ranger.

the girl who knows everyone but is never with the same people twice.

i feel people bore me.

i need variety.

i need flavour.

i need gelato friends

and i think i've found the best gelato bunch ever.

Madds for her yummy chocolate. always there always comforting and tasty to lick.

Claire for her delicious strawberry. with the best advice and knowledge beyond her years. also tasty too lick.

Sez for her tasty apple pie. as a pie is a little hard to figure out how to eat it but rewarding when you can catch her and sit her down in one spot to eat. and lick.

Loz for her pistacio. she's a tasty nut. and lickable.


even tho i don't know her as well as the rest, certainly not as well as i know Madds.

Nina for her missing flavour. i'm still yet to figure out what she tastes like. i guess i'll have to wait.

my mixed gelato box that makes me feel like i'm loved.


whats not black??

colour affects our world in ways we have no idea.

you get on a train in the morning and everyone is in black.

well thats shit.

then i walk on in a bright yellow simona jacket(bondi markets i heart them) and scare the shit out of all the conformists who sit there working 9-5 day too day..



as my love once told me.

this is hell, here on earth. and when people die they get the choice to go to heaven where they can do NO WRONG and they are in the ultimate paradise surrounded by the greatest people history has known. but we all know that as much as we've stuffed up what was trusted to us by god. that its what we want. this is what we've made and this is the life we can lead. we can change. we can live. and THAT is why there is such a high birth rate. coz once you get that choice its like "fuck that. shits wrong down there but you have freedom"

never give up your freedom and never let anyone take it from you.

there will always be people to love you no matter what your choice. even if you can't see them now. they are there. and they love you.

enjoy the sunshine.

enjoy the smiles of strangers.

enjoy the surprised looks on a strangers face when they sneeze and you say "bless you"

the smallest act of kindness will brighten anyday.

and always realise.

its not as bad as it could be..

Sunday, April 12, 2009

when it all happens.

when you look at the world as a glass half empty and you think that it will never be full.

and then someone comes along and overfills your glass with the most amazing elixir you could imagine.

makes you wonder how you were treated the way you were. when they were there to treat you the way they do.

makes you wonder why you sat alone all those times you did when just standing near them

makes you wonder how you felt so sad when they make you the happiest you've been in as long as you can remember.

i always say it is better too be in love than out of love. coz even when you're out of love you still know what it feels like.

i never thought i'd feel like this.

in such beautiful purple heels.



Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Cookies Maximillian.

he makes me smile..
and pull funny faces..

when you think.

When i get bored i do 3 things.
1-get something pierced
2-get something tattooed
3-dye my hair
now as an act of rebellion i did #3.
this time i did it in a colour that provokes pain and pleasure.
pain as its red and red is most commonly cast aside as a soul less, pale faced, freckled kid.
and this i will admit is mostly true.
i don't have much of a soul,
i am very pale.
but i'm not real freckly.
Red headed woman are believed to have the most intense and passionate sexual skills of all other hair colours.
maybe i'm trying to prove something?
or maybe i do it just to show someone i'm better than what they reduced me too.
i'm not waiting.
i'm living.
that means boots and coats and as much faux fur as my cupboard can hold.
Sienna Miller as Nikki, in Alfie is my inspiration.
but, as her character is based on Annie in the original with flaming red hair.
i'm a blend of the two.