Tuesday, February 15, 2011

You give love to all, and give love to me.

I'm in a mood to write a story, well not right this second, but recently I've felt the need to write a story.
Currently my life is very messy. And not in the good way of lots of things going on. In the, the clothing store I work out had a water main burst outside and flooded my store with 15cm of muddy water and tomorrow will be the third day of cleaning and at least 2 weeks till my store can open for trade again. Some would be excited but it just means more work.
So I've done a quick inspiration post.
What a wonderful world.


Veronica said...

Really nice pictures!!

Could you check out my blog and follow me? I'll be very happy if you do it!
Thank you so much!


emma-kate said...

I found crush, leave, flesh? What does that say about me..


Luca said...

Giselle, than you for your comment!
You have an amazing blog too!