Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I can't have sex with Stan with the lights on

So, Wednesday night sitting at home feeling all cool. Not. But I am watching Will & Grace season 4 so that means I'm cool right?
Life is hard. It's really not I'm just a moaner.
I haven't written stuff on here in so long. But since the last big written post I have got into some social media trouble so now I'm super wary. It doesn't help that due to having ADHD I suffer from a lack of "filter" between my brain and mouth. So that is hard. Yeah.
So this weekend I have a PETA party apparently. Which is hard coz, what do you wear? I mean I can't wear my pony-hide Ashish wedges, my fur coat, anything leather or angora for that matter. So what should I wear?
I am also waiting patiently for a black sequin long sleeve dress and a amazing purple 60s style dress both from eBay and the cutest little kitten heel white brogues from TopShop. WHY OH WHY won't they hurry UP!!!!
That's pretty much it really.


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