Thursday, December 3, 2009

Have spent all morning downloading songs off 2 wonderful sites.
Highly suggest Deckhead as it's my friend Jax' blog and he really is super duper trendy and smart and all things wonderful. As well as has an amazing pony tail.
Downloaded tracks like a bit of Peter, Bjorn and John, Kid Cudi, Mylo and some Deadmau5 to name a few.. If anyone knows how to add song links please tell me I feel selfish hoarding these songs for myself.
Today I woke up with a blocked nose, as did Max and dead tired but awake no less. Weekend plans are the only thing keeping me going atm. Am going to apply for a job soon and I've broadened my horizons by possibly delving into the world of Make-Up artistry. Seems like good old fashioned colourful fun so I'm up for that. But the thing that suck is there's nothing available according to sir internet.
Time for a story or some word vomit????


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