Thursday, December 3, 2009

To just

Lay here in the silence of your breathing.
Smile at you when you look up at me with one eye open. You get so grumpy sometimes at the smallest things, but it's when your happy at the smallest things that everything really is okay. You're the one person who will never give up on me no matter what I do. Sometimes it gets too hard for me and I'm left in a dark corner of my day. But you always flip me round and make me see, the light that you bring into my life, that will never die. If I tell you I will try I really do mean it. But in saying that my memory is not what it should be. In my memory fails I think you thrive as I will do what you tell me, in my own little way. I don't mean to upset you, out of everyone you're the only person I don't want to upset. Everyone else is like sport to me. No one is safe but you and me. Between us too if there's hate towards someone, they will know.

Ramblings of a girl who will always be in love with the boy with his heart on his chest.


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