Saturday, September 11, 2010

9 times out of 10

I was asked the other week by Emma-Kate from to show more photos of what I look like. And as much as I am trying I come up with two slight problems.
1-I think I look terrible in photos coz I don't have a "photogenic" face.
2-To make up for that I pull ridiculous faces.
So when I meet up with Elvis Di Fazio at Gay Bash last weekend I did both of those things whilst trying to show off my DIY shoes.. If you can kind of see them they are mostly covered in BUTTONS!! Because I have a strange obsession with buttons.. So much so I want to go home now and cover more things in buttons with my mummy. I get all my creativity from my mum and growing up we did everything imaginable craft wise. From painting everything in the house (well, nearly) to covering things in feathers, popcorn, beads, gluey newspaper and so on. So I love doing little things with her like this. When I get home I will post more shots of the shoes because they were a HUGE hit with everyone who saw them. Even the randoms on the street who pointed and told their friends. I may sound conceited but I have flaming red hair so am used to people pointing and either raising the subject with their friends in a nice or evil way, or exclaiming super loudly their opinion in name calling. Meh. Sticks and stones may break my bones, but my words will make you wish you kept your mouth shut.. Ha ha kidding!!
So please excuse the somewhat taboo facial expressions.


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emma-kate said...

Your style is cool! I also have issues with my face in pictures. How do you get pictures up on your blog?