Thursday, September 16, 2010

Whats the key on the inside?

I've been umming and aaahhhiing over these top shop wedges for weeks now and I still can't muster up the motivation to get them. Which is strange for me as I love my shoes. But I have been looking at them for like 3 weeks now and still haven't got them. I have the money I just can't be bothered. And I'm worried that, contrary to popular belief where if you can't stop thinking about something it should be yours, I'm an impulse shopper who sees it, loves it, buys it. So I've seen it, loved it, but somethings holding me back. Hhhhmmm. Oh and they are scarlett red wedges with chiffon bandaging around the foot. Hhhmmm. Maybe I should.
Oh and I really want to do my hair to one side and MADLY boofy like this girl.
Oh and I have a really cute black skirt like the second last photo but the zip is broken so I think I may have to get it fixed.. And SOON!!
Rank end.


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Paint it Black said...

That girl looks awesome in the first picture. I know what wedges you are on about they are rather fabulous love to hear if your get them or not xoxo