Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I want to be covered..

I couldn't pull off a chest tattoo as my biggest thing is that you can't see any of mine unless I show you.
I've always wanted a pony tatt. I am 5years old at heart. And mind.
But I have been obsessing on back tattoos. Maybe not this high, more lower so it can be hidden.
But the main factor is that all mine are words at the moment. And it's a scary leap from text with meaning that never loses itself. And a picture that can say a thousand words, and can become a nuisance.

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Natasha Gardos said...

i understand your dillema, i wouldnt even be able to chose one whether it be text or image. i change my mind to easilly! my recomendation is henna tattos,sample your ideas if you like it get a real one or just have a different design every month.
i know its not the same but it alows you to express yourself
good luck :)