Friday, October 23, 2009

I'll admit it.

I've been sitting here all morning in Max's boxers and tee just surfing through the great beyond that is the internet and all it's writers. Mainly Claire's blog
And now that Max has decided it's time to go I come to the realization that the following is about to happen.
1- Get in the car headed for his parents place to meet his grandparents.
2-Me thinking I just need to get changed then bail.
3- Him telling me we won't have time to come back to mine on the way home so I should pack my evenings attire then and there.
4-Me, small nervous breakdown at the thought of being pressured to look fabulous instead of letting it come to me after staring at my creatively pink painted wall for a minute or so.
5-Me finding what I could gather then running to the car.
6-Meeting grandparents, who'll take one look at my lip ring and red hair and question my sanity.
7- Max telling me he's going to get his hair done and that I can get the bus to the mall.
8- Me buying an entirely different outfit and spending my last dollars when what I already had was fine.
9-Me hating what I bought on impulse.


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Anonymous said...

this post was about you.

im posting something tonight.