Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sectum sempra.

This is smarts. This was a dress from work, Bardot, which had this really cool sequin pattern on the front. But when you work in retail you understand that if you buy something to wear to work, it's work clothes. It's like a McDonalds uniform. I had one of them from when I served there, and trust me you don't want to wear it anymore than you have to. So this dress, and all Bardot clothes, became work stuff. So when it went on sale, therefore I'm not allowed to wear it to work, I cut it up. massively low back, took all the sequins off the front, and stitched another lot of Diva necklaces and stuff onto it. Awesome to wear but it pulls down at the back a bit due to the weight of the chains, and when you first put it on it's a bit chilly with the chains on your bare back. But other than that I love it. Pity I hate to outfit repeat too.