Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Staying in to create more.

I know I haven't actually finished anything I've started but I'm just that kinda girl..
Tomorrow Nikki and I are possibly shopping which means I'll have to leave my purse at home and window it..
Was going to buy material to make Sarah and I matching jumpsuits for Stereosonic but now I realize how poor I am so I'll be visiting the haberdashery store called 'Mummy's sewing room' located at my house..

But I've been envious of this button creation for so long. Will be starting this soon. And documenting every bit..
I have old denim shorts that are so boring they look like a nappy. So if anyone out there is creative with a texta, gimme a comment and lets be friends.. ha ha
Is it bad that I'm contemplating buying a cheap black and white striped top and just drawing the 2 C's on?? Probably but meh..
And last but not least, This is the new bane of my existence. I will make this happen in my life.. Pure genies..


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