Monday, November 23, 2009

I have an idea.

Why don't we all live for ourselves.
Love those we want to.
Ignore those we don't.
In everyday we come up against new challenges, and in those challenges we discover more about ourselves.
Everyday the sun rises and day after day we don't use that day to its full potential.
I, myself am guilty of not using the day, but I need to. Soon.
Sick and tired we will all become, of waiting for something new to come into our lives.
We read horoscopes in hope that they will tell us what is coming.
No one knows what is coming. We can only guess.
But how about finding out for ourselves. Our own way.
What good would that do?
It would leave us in charge of our own destiny.
Our future has been written, and if we do nothing to change it then it's our own fault.
Think before you act they say.
Screw thinking.
Start doing.


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