Friday, November 27, 2009

The things I do...

What started off as an American Apparel boys singlet with pocket. Turned into a awesome murdering of the Chanel logo. With flair I will add. This is for Nikki for Stereosonic..
Any likes??

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JODES & SARE said...

Hello sweet!

I scored the studs in Japan.....studs are hard to find!

The girls and i found a place on yellowpages online called "the stud factory" that is supposed to be located in Marrickville but none of us have gone to check it out yet.

the easiest way my sister and i have been doing it is buying cheap Jay Jays or op-shop studded belts, picking the studs off and putting them on our stuff.

actually i think you'd like my sisters does crazy on the cheap.

can't wait to see those pants missy!