Sunday, November 28, 2010

It's like that cheap chocolate you get in advent calenders

Isolation. Isolation. Isolation.
Well not really as I work 5 days a week and am constantly surrounded by people. And not in a "I'm constantly surrounded by people but feel SO ALONE!!!" kinda way.. But as in I'm watching the Mighty Boosh and that's what they were singing that..
Milky Joe!!
Danny be my man.. Without being offensive, don't you reckon John Travolta should have died after Pulp Fiction? I mean what did he make after that that was any good?? Morbid I know but he should have been a "tiny" bit of a River Phoenix story boy. Don't you reckon?This weekend I am actually NOT WORKING so I'm super pumped to do sweet FUDGE ALL!! Slash I may go out for the first time with my lovely little BROOM BROOM!! That's my car!!
Time to get classy ladies??

I do feel sad that Andy Warhol was depicted as such an arse in Factory Girl. But I'm always on Edie's side as no one could dress like her!

I know, I know, Pointed stilettos have been shunned into 2004 with mini denim skirts, bonds thick strapped singlets and Von Dutch hats.. Yes I grew up in a terrible fashion time..But I believe they are SEXY!! And they can only come in bright colours as black is office wear!

How devilish/angelic do these two look??


I fear this is a little TOO scenester for me..

I need to start laying on the eye makeup SUPER THICK!!

Is is weird that Jessica Rabbit is the ultimate woman to me?

Power shoulder..

She's finally concentrating on her career.. HIP HIP HORRAYYYY!!!

The world is much nicer in rose coloured glasses.

I love how the one on the left has a really really short fringe but you can't really tell.

Okay so they weren't this cool, but did anyone else collect fairy stones when they were little?? I had tones!!

Now that I drive I'm going to start wearing trousers more. It just seems to be the natural progression.

This campaign makes me NEED to wear trousers.

And finally. I ordered TopShop Silver high-waisted trousers 4 WEEKS ago and they still haven't arrived.. Anyone else having those problems?? I want my PANTS!!

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Paint it Black said...

Fabulous images as always my dear those rings omg I need all of them.

About John sooo true there are so many people who have died young and will be remembered as
beautiful I think if you die young as an actor or actress you become a legend can you imagine what Marilyn Monroe would look like now eekkk and James Dean totally get what you are saying :))) xoxo