Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Neil Armstrong, he walkin on me face.

Yawn yawn yawn, ya yawn yawn yawn.
I GOT MY P'S!!!! I can legally drive ALONE, at night, unprotected, in the world, of terror, ohhh dear..
NO! I can drive, it's EXCITING!!!
And to celebrate..... I'm working the next 6 days STRAIGHT!!! Which means car shopping is going to be compressed into after hours time.. Awesome..
You know when you, get your license and then go shopping for cars, and you want anything, then and there. Doesn't matter what it is, you just want it. Well I was in that mood till I discovered the SHIT cars that are out there for sale, fairly disheartened if I say so meself.. BUT, I did find a Granny-mobile that was fairly cute so thats one possibility. But really, I do just want a car. I feel bad constantly, I say constant even though it's only been 2 days and I've borrowed it twice, asking for the car to go on visits, I say visits, they has been 3. BUT, when I get one it will be full of clothes and white chocolate wrappers, and ribena juice squeezy containers. WOO HOO!!
And it does also mean that I will be WAY more social and be coming out HEAPS, but finally I will be able to be out for as long as I want. As in I'll get semi-dressed up, come out at 10.30pm, and be gone by Midnight, "my parkings up guys", "my Mum needs my car?", "I'm a lazy bitch" will be commonly used phrases. OR I will just Phantom. I'm leaning more towards a Phantom. Yes, Phantom. In the NIGHT!!!
I'm currently watching behind the scenes for The Mighty Boosh series 2 and am slightly losing my MIND with funny.
My English is AWESOME!!
Tomorrow I will, lets admit it I'll probs forget but hey, post about my amazing friends and their awesomeness, wonderness, incredibleness and lots of other nesses..
And now for some inspiring images..



Paint it Black said...

Congrats on passing and good luck with your car search cant wait to hear what ya get xoxo

Fox said...

love driving in late leaving early. phantom all the way, welcome to the club!