Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Be alright I'll be alright..

My computer for some reason has not been letting me get into my blogger account for the last 5 days and it has been KILLING me.. I had to use Max's..
SPEAKING OF MAX! My amazing, wonderful, imperfect, spectacular boyfriend not only continues to be wonderful to me whilst work is piling up on my shoulders as Christmas draws closer and I'm in charge of everything. BUT he sent me 12 long stem PINK roses just to make me smile! I"M SO LUCKY!! I didn't think chivalrous men still exsisted but I was WRONG!! I will post photos when my phone stops being gay..
BUT... It is indeed Halloween this weekend and I had grand plans of poison Ivy, the Riddler or anything green and red, that wasn't Christmas. But due to lack of real party plans, and fear of doing what I did last year and not actually go INSIDE anywhere but just walk around dressed as a zombie bride. I've decided to do a TWIGGY theme!! Fake lashes, A-Line dress with buttons, Miu Miu Heels and (due too having lone hair) a long briad perfectly hair sprayed. If you have any suggestions I am open..
But it's shower and bed time because I am now a nanna...

This is off www.limecrime.com and it's their version of twiggy, which gave me the idea in the first place..



rouli said...

amazin post here!

great blog!

pls come visit and join:)


Becca. said...

love twiggy! her make up is amazing! and yes i love pixie lott i'm a huge huge huge huge fan!

thankyou for the comment on my blog,