Saturday, April 3, 2010

The shape of things to come.

This is just one of the 8 paid for items I will soon have in my possession thanks to the wonders of ebay shopping. Oh and I'm also bidding on 9 more than end within the next 10 days. I believe I am addicted. But in my defense, when do I have time to go shopping anymore? I work 40 hours a week in the city where there are no 2nd hand clothing stores within 2 kms, and on my 2 days off a week I spend them either out dancing or snuggling with , like I'm doing now as its the best time to catch up on blogging and be comfy and cozy too. So I guess this is my only outlet. And it's so much fun. In total in the last week and a half I have bought $215.77 worth of goodies for myself. They include my new Hello Kitty phone cover, doesn't it look like a cake?? Like a christening cake. A Hello kitty ipod speaker, Hello kitty lamp, hello kitty handbag, hello kitty for MAC eye-liner, mascara and foundation. I seem to be Hello Kitty obsessed. And a green sequin dress, blue dress with white lace, purple lace dress, blue mesh dress, and I finally recieved my black peplum asian flower print dress from overseas. Now I must also wait for my floral pixie boots from topshop to get here so I can have new work shoes. And I need to be patient and wait for ALL my bidding items to finish before I bid for more. Highly unlikely, I am addicted to shopping after all.


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