Thursday, May 6, 2010


I wouldn't go running round calling myself the biggest fan of Skins, as I know there are hardcore fans out their that deserve such a title more than me, hell I haven't even seen the whole new season yet. But I do highly enjoy every second of it. It's a tv show you'd never expect with emotions you know all too well but would prefer to squash. I never got into the first and second seasons but as soon as I got the third I watched it back to back over about 3 days. And I remember ages ago reading an article that said that Effie was the only main cast member who had done work before, the rest of the cast came from open auditions advertised in the paper, as they wanted REAL kids this time. And boy did it work out for them.

This shot of Effie always gives me goose bumps. She isn't holding anything back, she cries like every girl has cried when it feels like it's all over and you need to give up.


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chloe said...

heeey, another skins fan!
i actually obsessed over the first two series but read such bad reviews for the next ones that i didn't bother to watch them.. perhaps i should! x