Saturday, May 29, 2010

You were always on my mind.

How many times a day can you say your breath is taken away?
How many times can you say your heart beats quicker?
How many times can your phones message tone bring you utter joy and completion?
Sitting in the shadows of the day outside I feel a sense of joy and wonderment at the life I lead. I adore every aspect of my life. My favourite person and lover,my family, my job, my few close friends, my extended friends, my ability to look on the bright side, and my ability to love. I make mistakes just like everyone, and apologize when I'm wrong. I count on myself to say what I think, sure it gets me into trouble, but it is part of me. I occasionally get scalded for the things I say, but at least I know people still listen. I don't like people hiding behind who they are to impress people. Be yourself, whoever you are. I am a werido, an addicted lover to my Maximillian, fashion enthusiast, a retail salesperson who basks in the happiness she brings to people in the smallest garment, a loud mouth ( I know it seems far down the list), a rude little girl, an attempted to be kind person, loyal-to-an-extent of my attention, very easily distracted, disliker of my own hair cut, non-sleeper-in-er, jewelry lover, clothes horse, competitive in strange ways, cook and cleaner for only one person ( not me ), and dream girl to one boy.
It's hard to imagine all of those things probably only describe my pinkie toe in the extent of myself, but I tried.


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