Saturday, May 1, 2010

I love you. Even when I'm sleeping.

Went out last night and had possibly the BEST night with the BEST people in MONTHS!!
Last week Max sat me down and made me realize a couple of things. Not only had I shut down most of my friends and clunge to him and him alone on nights out, I had killed all my independence that I prided myself on having in my life and relationship. I gave up on some people as I didn't want to bother trying to be their friend. But nothing thats worthy is not worth trying for, otherwise it would be easy and boring. Friends are there for you when you need them, but they are not mind readers. Just because you're angry at them, doesn't mean they realize this. Everyone needs space. Everyone needs a friend. Everyone needs love. And they do all combine, every day. Friends are friends because you choose each other, based on your interests, your style, your admiration for the other, the list goes on. Either your mutual friends introduce you, you meet through work, or on the street or at an event at Cabana bar randomly, or when you turn up to their house after Parklife. Everyone needs to put some effort in, I sure did, and I am reaping the benefits. In this quest to patch up friendships I have also come to the realization that, I was a MASSIVE bitch, not just too strangers regarding their outfit, but to my friends in general. I never had anything good to say to them, and I was always snapping at people. So I did the only thing I could do. I pulled my head OUT of my bum. I apologized. I am working on my attitude, and it's working. Not the attitude that I'm awesome, because I know I am. But the attitude that everyone is special to me. And I should treat them that way. Otherwise I'll just be following Max around every weekend hating life. Instead of hanging out with my daughter Chelsea (Not ACTAUL daughter, but best friend) and seeing people I haven't and doing things I haven't. And staying up all night with Anneka, Bianka, Max, Benny and Parhas. What fun a night we had indeed.
What I am saying is. I admitted I was wrong. I now put in the effort. And if you need to put in effort, a lot of the time it's worth it. Can't have sex without forplay can you??


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chloe said...

aah, sometimes its good to have a reshuffle of priorities and life-attitudes. good luck with it, im sure it will be very rewarding! x