Sunday, August 15, 2010

Like a beam of the morning sun I need you.

So my iphone is plugged in, but not charging.. gsfhdfsfklhsadouhasf That makes me SO ANGRY!! I already had to catch the 30minute bus to Max's in silence yesterday and it looks like the 80 minute bus and train journey home will be in the same vein. Garrrrr... But I have got lots and lots of creative ideas ready in my mind for when I get home and plan on taking action asap. I could get up.. nahhh.. I could ask Max's mum for a lift to the mall.. Nahhh.. I could stay in this warm fluffy bed all day till Max gets home.. Naa--maybbee--nahhhh.. I must cherish this day off as I worked the whole weekend. It sucked.. Blahh blahh

And as it's monday, it wouldn't be a normal monday if I wasn't already planning my weekend outfits. And as this weekend I'm going out with work friends on friday then my lot on saturday. It looks like a glamour weekend is needed.. Wow. Now I really should get home.


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