Saturday, August 28, 2010

Rolling... Rolling... Rolling on the river..

Rahhhhhh Rahhhhh.. SO over it... Worked 53 hours last week over 6 days setting up the new store. And now I'm in a new store and have a full team of staff to train, on my own. Feck. Coupled with the fact that I'm closing in on my hours for my P's license, which means I'm driving my bum off in the short amount of time I have off. Coupled with my boyfriend being super sick all weekend, which I loved taking care of him I really did coz he's so cute and vulnerable, which if you've ever met him is a RARE quality. So now this week I'm working Monday to Friday and I have the whole weekend off. And it's my best friend Amy's birthday on Thursday. So, I'm preparing as always way, way, way too early.
These are my beautiful new shoes, as new as 3 weeks old, and they are so pretty, yet REALLY painful, that I am now trying to co-ordinate them into all of my outfits.
Knee high socks and my new shoes will hopefully save my feeties..


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