Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Singin hundred dolla bill now

So, due to my parents not being super internet savvy my internet speed now runs slower than dial up. You see we have the lowest download limit I've ever heard of so when I started buying episodes of house from iTunes it seems to have gone RIGHT over our limit. So I've not had internet at home in around 2 weeks. Checking my facebook on my iPhone is not much fun and there's no way I could post anything on here on my phone either. So that leaves me with the option of using Max's internet in the short time I'm here.
So, this weekend is going to be superb. Not only is it my first 2 days off in a row in weeks, but it's also the launch of Fake at Tank nightclub in Sydney and I'm so super excited. Tank is where a huge chunk of my friends and I met for the first time. It brings people together in the 'VIP' area, which isn't really but I make it so.
Also, this weekend could very well see me move up and up and up in my company. I've been asked to travel 4 hours out of Sydney to set up the new Forever New store in Charlestown, Newcastle. If I'm allowed to go, by my manager, it would be the second store in a week that I've helped set up this week, after Top Ryde Sydney. And hopefully in 2 weeks I can help open Warringah Mall. Oh and the 4 hour drive would include staying overnight there. ha ha ha. I'm so excited. This is something I never thought I could do but I'm being given this opportunity and I'm pumped.
But for now, here's some pretty pictures. And the bunny one is an absolute fav.


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Fox said...

hey, so there's a blogger app for iPhone. Might help you ride out the time until your limited access is up x