Monday, October 4, 2010

You ol' bean pole you shouldn't have..

I am currently in mid obsession with all things Disney. It sprouted from the Disney Facts app for my iPhone I got the other day. Best app ever!! Like did you know Wall-E was planned and outlined before Toy Story was completed in 1995, but production did not resume on the film untill 2003?
Or that the vultures in The Jungle Book were originally meant to be voiced by the beatles, but due to scheduling at the last minute had to pull out? OR that the directors of The Little Mermaid insisted that every single underwater bubble be hand drawn, not copied. And that illustrators for Fantasia weren't instructed which colours to use. They were told to use the colours they wanted. Imagine working for someone with such vision like Walt Disney. Or for the company he created and the world he built. That is a dream of mine.
And so now I have become disney-crazy! And also due to getting a new TV/DVD player in my room have hired these films in the past week. Nice.
Couldn't fully finish this as it wasn't as engaging as I thought it'd be.

Oh and this disc kept skipping.

One of my all time favourites.

THE MOST FAVOURITE film of mine..
Life under the sea is better than anything they got up there.
I still know almost every word..



emma-kate said...

Beauty and beast is my favourite film at the moment! x

Rebecca said...

I love disney filnms I had them on video but since technology moved on for christmas last year I got them on DVD you've made me want to dig them out and watch them :)

hanks for the lovely comment redheads all the way natural or not. Your a redhead now and I'm happy your staying that way! :D x

Rebecca xx