Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I'm doing it for you..

Must one put words of wisdom or worth on an explosion of photos?
I believe this hair is purely bliss.
I believe she is an absolute personality minus bore.
I believe my boyfriend is hotter.
I can do this.
She's a pin up with bite.
Buns on the top?? Always look unfinished on me.
Socks and sandals. Built for me.
Pony tail?
She really is an 80s pop icons offspring.
I already love.
Pants, are my new staple.
That hair.
When I move out I don't want curtains. I want clothes to shield me from the world.
And there will be no chairs, or if there is they'll be miss matched.

1 comment:

A_Dreamer said...

Awesome post.
LC started filming her new show this week, cant wait!