Monday, April 13, 2009

whats not black??

colour affects our world in ways we have no idea.

you get on a train in the morning and everyone is in black.

well thats shit.

then i walk on in a bright yellow simona jacket(bondi markets i heart them) and scare the shit out of all the conformists who sit there working 9-5 day too day..



as my love once told me.

this is hell, here on earth. and when people die they get the choice to go to heaven where they can do NO WRONG and they are in the ultimate paradise surrounded by the greatest people history has known. but we all know that as much as we've stuffed up what was trusted to us by god. that its what we want. this is what we've made and this is the life we can lead. we can change. we can live. and THAT is why there is such a high birth rate. coz once you get that choice its like "fuck that. shits wrong down there but you have freedom"

never give up your freedom and never let anyone take it from you.

there will always be people to love you no matter what your choice. even if you can't see them now. they are there. and they love you.

enjoy the sunshine.

enjoy the smiles of strangers.

enjoy the surprised looks on a strangers face when they sneeze and you say "bless you"

the smallest act of kindness will brighten anyday.

and always realise.

its not as bad as it could be..

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