Monday, April 27, 2009

as if i needed proof

if someone makes you smile,

don't make them frown.

if someone holds onto you so tight you can't breath,

don't run from them in fear.

if someone says they love you more than anyone else,

don't look them in the eyes and walk away.

everyone is loved by someone else,

whether they like it or not.

and the love i feel is a love that stays that way rain and shine,

close knit snuggles,

far away wishes.

everybody needs to feel loved,

even by the homeless man who you give your spare change to.

there really is nothing in this world that beats being held by someone who you would leave your world for.

someone who you'd start new with because you'd know you'd be okay with them by your side.

and that someone for me will be close again soon.

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