Wednesday, April 8, 2009

when you think.

When i get bored i do 3 things.
1-get something pierced
2-get something tattooed
3-dye my hair
now as an act of rebellion i did #3.
this time i did it in a colour that provokes pain and pleasure.
pain as its red and red is most commonly cast aside as a soul less, pale faced, freckled kid.
and this i will admit is mostly true.
i don't have much of a soul,
i am very pale.
but i'm not real freckly.
Red headed woman are believed to have the most intense and passionate sexual skills of all other hair colours.
maybe i'm trying to prove something?
or maybe i do it just to show someone i'm better than what they reduced me too.
i'm not waiting.
i'm living.
that means boots and coats and as much faux fur as my cupboard can hold.
Sienna Miller as Nikki, in Alfie is my inspiration.
but, as her character is based on Annie in the original with flaming red hair.
i'm a blend of the two.

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