Monday, April 13, 2009

when you need what you didn't think you did.

my whole life i've been the lone ranger.

the girl who knows everyone but is never with the same people twice.

i feel people bore me.

i need variety.

i need flavour.

i need gelato friends

and i think i've found the best gelato bunch ever.

Madds for her yummy chocolate. always there always comforting and tasty to lick.

Claire for her delicious strawberry. with the best advice and knowledge beyond her years. also tasty too lick.

Sez for her tasty apple pie. as a pie is a little hard to figure out how to eat it but rewarding when you can catch her and sit her down in one spot to eat. and lick.

Loz for her pistacio. she's a tasty nut. and lickable.


even tho i don't know her as well as the rest, certainly not as well as i know Madds.

Nina for her missing flavour. i'm still yet to figure out what she tastes like. i guess i'll have to wait.

my mixed gelato box that makes me feel like i'm loved.


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