Sunday, June 7, 2009

No picture. No bullshit.

I believe everyone has two families.
The one you're born into.
The one you chose for yourself.
This second family are your friends. Some you pick for their talents, their humour, the way they love you and make you smile.
Some are just like those strange half-uncles you don't really like but are there nontheless.
The family you have is full of the people that hold your hair back while you're sick, shop with you at the last minute, sit with you at 4am still highly intoxicated, and tell you what you don't want to know. Because they are there for you 150%. They never want to make you cry but they do so they can see you smile. The never want to see you hurt but can see the light at the end that you cannot. They are the friends who tell you you are beautiful and you deserve the best. And they are the ones that know the best.
These friends we have are there through thick and thin. They will never yell at you for saying something silly, never point at you and laugh when you're embarressed by another.
Whether they are new or old, borrowed or broken. Each friend you chose yourself has been hand picked for greatness. They will be there for you through everything you need. And if they waver, even for a second. Know that there's a whole tree full of other ones to fall back on.

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Anonymous said...

thankyou for being that friend, for being the one that sits with me and has the guts to tell me something that you know will completely demolish my life, and then stick around to pick up the pieces. you and max were amazing last night.