Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Where do they live if they are hobos??

July 3rd?? I may be wrong but thats when I think the concert for these hectic kids is on..
The Bloody Beetroots.
Hands down one of the best DJ performers I have ever seen..
As much as I love and adore winter, unlike Sez. 
There's nothing quite like a summer festival.
Dressing up in festival gear.
Hanging out all day with your friends.
Getting off head.
Dancing in circles with the ones who make you laugh.
His name is Patrick Stevenson.
He is a photographer like no other.
He can turn a simple walk into a photographic creation like this.
These shots are all his.
I know Patrick has muddled with this slightly because I know and adore Jaxon and he does have a soul behind those eyes.
slightly missing now tho..


Jax said...

i sold my soul for 5 bucks

Deckland said...

Credit must go where credit is due

the top 3 photos are done by Alex Singh aka Hobo aka Carlito, from Coachella Music Festival and Central Park in NYC.

The last photo is mine :)

Thank you giz, you're amazing, miss you.