Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The people who

So in the small portions of time I have to enjoy between attempted sleep, work, running late for work, getting dressed, making sweet sweet love and generally being the awesome me, I enjoy spending my time with some very precious people I hold close to my heart.
Some are new.
Some are new but old.
Some are old.
And then there's Pav.
I don't really know where he fits in.
This is Pav and Anneka.
I've known Pav for a few years now and seen him go from bad to worse to awesome to terrible. But these days he's straightened himself out and is living with his best mate Benny and Benny's lovely lady, Anneka.
Now Anneka is the amazing blonde in this shot. One of the most genuinely amazing, beautiful girls. I know I haven't know her for long, but I know I will know her for a very long time and enjoy every minute of it.
This is Michael.
Through every sober or trashed experience we've watched and laughed at the other. When I'm too retarded to speak I know Michael will be there to watch and piss himself, and vice versa. He's been my best friend for 3 years now and we've never argued due to neither caring that much about the other but still being there.
I am his fag hag.
He is my gay.
This is Fraser.
He's new to me. Highly interesting. And sometimes causes more trouble than he's worth.
But, ADHD kids have to stick together.

This is Madds.
She's my sister.
Not really but close to it.
She lives across the street and without her I would not have got through all the terrible fights and terrors that my life does hand me everyday.

This is Seraina.
She is well on her way to total world fashion domination, one indie dress at a time.
She's got more style than Erin Wasson and Audrey Hepburns love child.

This is Claire.
Fast becoming my other sister with Madds.
She's a trooper and a star and is hand down the biggest KNOCK OUT I know.

This is Maximillian.
You know him.
He's worth a lot more than his name to me.

These are just a few of the people that make my life the rollercoaster ride of laughs, kisses, trashy nights, bedroom gurns, colourful clothes, smiles and so much more.
And now I must move on into the unknown.
The new land.
The land of 23.

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