Friday, June 5, 2009

This mask we all wear.

To understand how someone feels, deals with their emotions, shows they care or why they look into the distance like they do, you have to put yourself in their shoes. But why would you want to be in someone else's shoes when each of us have big enough shoes to fill as is. Its the need to experience the differences in life that draw us to wanting to be someone else. To wear a mask. To hide our real selves and take on someone else. Take on their problems, their habits, their vices. These feelings of yearning to be someone else come at times when what we see as our lives isn't what we wanted. Its not what we asked for. Its not our plan. And so we see that model in the magazines. The writer in the papers. Or the woman sitting in the coffee shop. And we want to be them. Engulf ourselves in something that the real us would never think of, would never dream, would never do.
But its these feelings and actions that in turn allow us to lose ourselves. 
But we all need to lose ourselves once in a while. Otherwise, how will we appreciate everything the real us has.

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