Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Butterfly's in my tissue.

I feel wedges are a true style staple..
and the neon is making a slow comeback.
Not FLURO but neon.
They are different. Trust me.

Seraina and I are having a craft day soon and I am tres excited.
I believe that I'm going to need to use my connections in supre to get myself a dress like this and do something to the back.
Any suggestions other than chains??
I find the female back is such an unchartered part of the body when it comes to fashion. Like there's back less or lace and nothing really in between. In saying that backless is hell sexy. Except if you got back-ne. It's a real outfit breaker.

If I wasn't so obsessed with being so colourful I'd rock gothic chic so hard. And shave half my head. But that, like my lip ring, have become associated with try-hards. Yeah I haven't heard try-hard in ages either. But I said it..
My search for the ultimate floral summer dress continues in vain.
Contemplating temporarily scrapping the whole red thing and going platinum blonde, ala Mary-Kate in her slight gothic phase. There's that gothic thing again.
Too much time on my hands. Not enough to do.

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