Thursday, July 30, 2009

It's an omen.

In every way, the events we chose everyday will shape our future. Whether they seem small or insignificant they do. From choosing to wear that blue fur coat instead of just a black blazer and spend the whole night standing out instead of blending in. To going from one extreme hair colour to another.
I love to change myself and I've had a very vain look back and I see.
Lots changes with a packet of dye.
Luscious black with long waves.
When Max suggested I go red about 4 months ago.

Nearly 2 years ago. Note the hectic side boob and the complete disregard for a slightly malnourished body.

And yes. I was a Blondie Barbie once. Wasn't it ambivalent. Gross and wonderful at the same strange time.

Never just fit in.
Always stand out.

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miss bardot 2009 said...

i <3 side boob.