Thursday, July 2, 2009

Monopoly has just thrown us in jail.

I make them good girls gone bad.
You know me better than I know myself.
Bingo Bango.
The songs of the lives of the young.
I love the way the world we're in molds itself to apprieciate everyone in it, helps us find ourselves and shows us new things. Everyday we walk down different streets, the same streets, scary alleys, and with every stride we see new things.Be them flowers, cracks in the pavement, people, smiles, shoes, dresses or anything that we hold as unchartered territory. Its in these new experiences that we grow, and change, to become someone new everyday. You can see a photo of me from a year ago, eight months ago, four months ago or yesterday, and i'm never the same person twice. I find that my hole life I tried so hard to fit in, until I realised I hated the people I wanted to be. I'm not saying I'm scene, or indie or anything, because I believe you should be whatever you want to be. I never dress the same as my friends, sometimes I stand out a bit too much. I buy things I'm warned against, namely a electric blue faux fur bomber jacket from Glebe markets, its from a Paris fashion house I later realised. And sometimes I'm the one people remember when I'm standing near trouble and I get the blame. But I guess thats what you get from having long red hair and ADHD.
Never do what your told.
People will learn to accept you.
And if they don't,
Why would you want to be their friend to begin with?

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