Thursday, July 23, 2009

Crazy english summers put you back on my mind.

Each day that passes we don't get it back.
We can't wake up on that morning like it's groundhog day and do it all over again.
We have to live with the memories of what we have done.
Whether they be good or bad.
We all have to live with the choices we make each day. From the smallest things, to the things we sometimes do realise could affect us in the ways they do.
Each day we have to apprieciate the moments that pass us by. Smile every chance we get. Scorn when it's called for. And love those who are right there in front of us.
There's nothing more magical than the moments we live in. Nothing more amazing than each minute we are blessed with on this amazing place we call home.
We can't take for granted what we have been granted with. Because as soon as you do that, you lose the magical that was bestowed upon you.
Life is a series of moments and we all know this.
If you don't enjoy the moment you're in, walk away. Shut your eyes. Smile and nod. Change what is happening. Change it for the better. Whatever you choose to do will be your choice and therefore you are taking that moment back into your own hands.
Love every second you have been given.
Think about the ones that got away.
Learn from every moment. To make the next, all that more magical.

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