Sunday, September 20, 2009

Ice-cream and Lollypops

Why can't we just run away. Live in the forest or at a far away beach. Not think about anyone else or their petty problems. Not think about real life. Everyone is living 6 feet above their heads, and pretty soon they'll feel 6 feet the other way. Keep your feet on the ground and think with your heart, with your head as a back-up.
No one is perfect to everyone. But there's someone out there who you're perfect for and they're perfect for you. And if you lose that perfect person, be honoured that you had them.
Life is about fun times and sad times, funny times and angry times.
But each time you have is special.
All I want is a special moment every day when I wake up, and another when I go to sleep. Those moments are easily obtainable, just gotta knock my perfects head on straight.
It's never as bad as you imagine. And no matter what you will always have people around you. Don't push them away just coz you feel like a fight. Hold them closer, coz they'll be there after the storm has subsided.
Everyone has a soul mate.
Can you find yours?
Infinity + 1

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