Tuesday, September 1, 2009

No longer a girl.

Do you think if I ran away to the circus anyone would know?

My phone wouldn't ring.

No one would question.

And the people I thought would, wouldn't be able to question. Through a illness of their own stupidity.

To force upon anyone your own opinion is cruel and unfair.

To ignore a plee is just as selfish.

Everyone is entilted to their own lives. And everyone is entilted to not be a part of others lives. As hard as it is to seperate our own needs from the wants of others. Sometimes it's as simple as taking a step back, and seeing the picture clearly again. Not in a haze of smoke.

When a person tries to please another, and the other doesn't appreciate, it hurts more than if they'd just ignored the gesture in the first place.

Its hard to put yourself in anothers shoes. But when you've been trying, why give up?

Everyday we face new changes and new challenges.

And together we could get through them.

Or we could retire to a hazy vision and outlook on life.

Everything we do, we do for love.

Even the pain felt is felt by love.

You can go through life only pleasing yourself. But that would be a lonely exsistence, though you know nothing of lonely. Always one to be surrounded. Always one to be loved. Always the strongest baked good. With emphasis on baked.

Being selfish is a hard job. But there has been no need of late. No knowledge leads to blissful ignorance. And that is a wonderful thing to live with. Not knowing lets the mind rest.

In knowledge we have power?

And severe pain.

The ramblings of a woman. No longer a girl.

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