Thursday, September 10, 2009

It's been a hard days night.

Hold me closer tiny dancer.
I'm in Melbourne.
It's fucking freezing!!!
But I do love the winter so very very much I'm pretty happy to be a little chilly.
But in saying I love winter, so far I'm not a massive fan of Melbourne hey.
I travelled here with Max, Pav and Lucy, and we all agree that in the 24hrs we've been here so far, we've only seen ONE semi-attractive person. ONE!!
And we searched and searched for unusual shops yesterday and all we found was a mall with general pants, sportsgirl, dotti and co.
Like I love sportsgirl and co, but not when I'm on a shopping trip. I want really strange one off stores. Like cream on crown but in Melbourne. Or even Zoo Emporium, in Melbourne.
Any suggestions???
I'm really over my jewelry hey.
Thats another thing on my search.
And you can never have enough shoes hey..

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JODES & SARE said...

I find Melboure a bit that way aswell.

I did find some interesting vintage stores on Chapel street but you have to walk the whole thing.

I also reccomend the Savers stores. They can be hit and miss like a regular op-shop but there is alot of random stuff for cheap.

hope you find some goodies!