Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Knock knock..

If you've got a problem, thats your fucking problem.
I'm sick and tired of people dodging questions and dodging problems just so they don't have to confront what's happening. Grow up and accept the facts of life. Or the facts of me.
Piss me off and you'll know it. Whether its my face, cursed with the inability to hide my hatred, or my actions and words.
If you have a problem with my feelings towards you. Make it known.
Don't hide behind others and whisper in their ears.
It comes straight back to me.
The fact of the matter is if I am angry at someone and they hide and whimper, I lose all respect.
Everyone needs to fight their own fights and protect themselves.
You are all you've got.
Trust yourself.
Never hide.
I am very immature for my 23 years yes, in ways of behaviour and looks. But that doesn't stop me from holding a grudge like a 16 year old with a chip on her shoulder.
There were three in the bed and the middle one never said roll over. But the little piggy racked over, and ignored her friends.
As well as yourself, you're friends are there to help you through.
You will meet new ones and reconnect with old ones. But never flaunt your "loyalty" only to then turn around and pick your newest "party friend" over real humans, That's what makes me angry.
Admitting you have a problem is the first step.
If you don't take that step I will kick you down the stairs.
Love love.

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