Friday, January 15, 2010

Darling of course I love you.

It has been a while since I've done this, but once again I am back on Max's couch while he sleeps like a baby in his bedroom. The only reason I'm still here is he's actually said he needs to wake up at 12 to do stuff today. So I'm giving him till 12.15 to get out of bed and make a start in the day, and if he doesn't then I'm just going to bail for his sleep. LOW AND BEHOLD HE'S AWAKE!!! ha ha ha this won't last..
I have just come back from 4 days at a health retreat down the coast in Bundanoon. The most awesome place to just relax and think. I went down on monday and got back thursday and it was incredible. I had no phone, no internet, no tv, just my books and the outdoors and my thoughts. Motivational talks, healthy living talks, 7km bush walks, and waking up at 7am for 7.15 stretching before 8am breakfast and 9am bush walk. It was so nice just to get away from the hustle and bustle and daily grind of Sydney. Though when I did get back it was lovely to see everyone again. I ate healthy and exercised and just took care of myself. I've come back from it with the strong realization that you have to care for yourself everyday, because it makes it 50 times easier to help others when you don't need help yourself. Not that I'm saying be selfish and only think for yourself. But look at your friends in life. Some keep you up and others bring you down. Now if you, like I have in the past to no avail, try to bring someone up that wants nothing to do with it and likes being in their little hole, let them. But let them because only they can get themselves out. You can show them how awesome it can be being out of the hole but you can't bring them out if they don't wanna come. If they do, throw a line down and get them out. But too many times have I tried so hard and ended up feeling alone and worthless because someone has thrown back at me. You need to be happy, and smile. Because when you smile the whole world wonders what going on in your head.


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