Friday, January 1, 2010

Picture vomit...

Rudeness has replaced kindness in photos these days.. Gone are the charming smile of the divas of the past, replaced with the crude behaviours of todays youth.. Or maybe it's me, hating on staged "perfect" photos.
I don't like rat dogs. But I do like rats. And guinea pigs.
Watched a bio on the history of Barbie. Fell in love with her all over again.
People say Max looks like him. I'm pretty happy with that.
I remember watching an interview with a french model who took photos of herself in different fitting rooms all over the world. Anyone shine some light?
SO copying this.
I love inspirational shots. And I hate german shepards. And love cats.
The human back is one of the most un-explored parts of the body. Fashion wise I think.

Buying my first long skirt tomorrow. And I'm hoping to replace winter leggings with an array of them.
The hair.

Sad, yet amazing movie.
First house I own, or even if I rent, will have these stairs.


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