Thursday, January 28, 2010

Waiting line, Till your time.

Righteo Neighbourino.. So thanks to the amazing-ness of my lovely angel Alegria I purchased the nicest and simplest long black skirt and a pink, thick strapped crop top on like tuesday. I will post what I did later but to sum it up I covered my little crop in BUTTONS!!! All shapes and sizes and colours and amazings. So now I have this amazing crop to.. And nothing to put with it.. So I've scoured the internet and these are the options I've come up with these possible outfit ideas.. Now I've got to get back to mine and play DRESS UPS... With myself.. How lame..

Cottonandcandy, I'mafreebitchbaby,

1 comment:

chloe said...

sweet, i have that skirt in the first pic!
cute selection of inspirations x